Summer is here meaning it's time for the beach, the pool and the boat but if you live in Miami like me, you're exposed to the sun constantly, year-round.

Countless research has been done on what the best sunscreen is for our skin. has you covered.

For the best coverage, they voted Alba Botanica. Made up of moisturizing ingredients, this all-around great sunscreen ($7) is smooth in application and offers better coverage than most of the formulas tested.

The best option for sensitive skin was Badger. Badger contains only a handful of ingredients, reducing potential allergens for those with sensitive skin. It takes longer to absorb than the Alba Botanica, and it’s pricier at $16, but it did almost as well in the coverage test.

A sunscreen that's best for the face was MDSolarSciences. Priced at $30 for a 1.7-ounce tube, this sunscreen isn’t ideal for full-body coverage, but its lightweight feel and matte finish makes it perfect for use on the face.

For more information on finding a great sunscreen for your routine, check out this guide:

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