Spring Break Packing Essentials

Spring break: the most incredible trip you probably won’t remember. Yes, I am just as excited as you are, but before rushing off to chug margaritas while flirting with a man named Pablo, let’s make sure you’ve packed the essentials.

There’s nothing more important than the bathing suits you bring - after all, you’ll basically be living in them for a week. I recommend bringing a “tanning bikini.” These suits are basically nonexistent. Like my mom always says, wear these while you can. Aside from that obligatory bikini, bring a cool one piece as well as an adorable bikini that will 100% leave ambiguous tan lines. Remember, you’re doing it for the insta.

No, rubbing sunscreen all over your body isn’t fun but neither is looking like sunburned tourist who fell asleep on the beach after too many shots of tequila. Don’t be that girl... apply La Roche-Posay sunscreen - this stuff really works and doesn’t leave you looking like a disco ball. After your v painful sunburned-shower, lather yourself with Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It smells like a coconut wonderland and accentuates your tan fabulously. Whenever I go on beach vacations, I like to keep my makeup pretty minimal. Embrace your new tan and use a few products to give you that extra I’m a naturally glowing goddess vibe. Downsize ladies, use your lipstick for your lips and cheeks. Cream products look more natural and are just overall better, trust me.

For your daytime shenanigans, bring cover-ups that you can actually wear out and about after spending a day at the beach. This saves space in your suitcase which is always #goals. When it comes to evening-wear, stick to flowy outfits that are easy to mix-and-match. No one likes to feel restrained by their clothes when dancing to Gasolina. Lastly, bring a few statement pieces to add dimension to your outfit in order to look trendier than the rest of the girls.

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