The Workout You Can’t Avoid - SoulCycle

The Workout You Can’t Avoid - SoulCycle

“It’s a cult,” I thought, “it’s creepy.” No, it’s SoulCycle. Where do I even begin when it comes to this transcendent workout that makes you feel like you want to die while simultaneously making you feel like you’re at an incredible dance party?

While never doubting that it was a great workout, I was always skeptical about SoulCycle. It was immediately deemed the white girl’s workout. Stepping into a SoulCycle room is almost like stepping into a sorority house/high school reunion - you know everyone there but really wish you didn’t know half of them. After getting over my social fears, I took the plunge and I went to my first ever Soul class this past summer. It was amazing, period. I’ve been addicted ever since and it’s become basically the only workout I do.

Just like any other workout class, you have your favorite instructors - the biggest difference, though, is that Soul instructors are legit life-coaches (not kidding these people are f*cking spiritual guidance counselors). Soul has become my “me” time. Whoever created SoulCycle is probably sitting somewhere in their penthouse laughing because these people have actually created an empire. Not only do they have their own line of workout clothes, but they also have a great app that makes booking your $30 (lol) bike seamless. I mean Soul has become an actual verb - “wanna soul today?” This is a question I ask my roommate daily. DAILY, people!

Honestly, get on board or run, because SoulCycle is taking over the world.

The Workout

SoulCycle classes are 45 minutes of insane cardio. You “ride” to the beat of the music while adjusting the resistance accordingly. The key is to always keep your legs moving so you don’t faint, lol. Once there’s about 15 minutes left in the class, you do a set of arm workouts, while moving your legs, obviously *rolls eyes*. This is typically the time where you ponder your life choices and think about your next meal. After arms, you ride to two more songs - usually fast songs because who likes to feel like they can breathe? Once you’ve “made it home,” you stretch while closing your eyes and listening to your spiritual guidance counselor give a speech about how “you’re right where you’re supposed to be in your life.” It’s great.

The Attire

Do you really Soul if you don’t own Soul attire? No, the answer is no. Admittedly, I own too many of these over priced workout clothes, but ngl they’re comfy and make you feel like you’re truly part of the SoulCycle cult. I know, I’m the worst but honestly, idc.

I think it’s safe to say 2016 has been tough, SoulCycle has been a HUGE distraction and genuinely helps me clear my mind. For anyone interested in getting a damn good workout while also having fun and listening to great music in a class that’s led by a literal guru with a rocking bod - take a Soul class. Just do it, people; find your soul.

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