Hurricane Matthew Confessions

If you need me I will most likely be on the couch watching Netflix on my laptop and the Weather Channel on TV with a bowl of popcorn to my left and some wine on the way.

Us Floridians are currently bracing ourselves for the biggest storm/hurricane in over a decade. Even though all the Latinos are running around Miami freaking the F out, we all know there NEEDS to be a hurricane party and that the UM - FSU game cannot be canceled on Saturday.

If you haven't gone to Publix already then GOOD LUCK because the one by my house looks like it was robbed. The bread, the water, the fruits, the chips and pretty much everything else is gone or flying off the shelves. People in all isles are taking pictures of the shelves and no doubt in disbelief.

Grocery store adventures:

On Oct. 5 I went to Publix to buy everything we needed such as popcorn, ice cream, hummus, carrots, celery, watermelon, kiwi and God knows what else.

While I was standing in line there was an older lady behind me, she was probably in her early 80's. She saw what I was buying and said, "You're buying all the wrong things sweetie." I was super confused and when I looked at her cart, the only thing in there was WINE! Bottles and bottles of Sutter Home white wine. #SPIRITANIMAL.

The cashier and I immediately burst into laughter.

On Oct. 6 (the day the hurricane hit) I was back at Publix to accompany my best friend to buy Teddy Grahams. It was absolutely impossible to find parking and once inside, we could see the endless lines at every register.

The good thing was that they had restocked the bread isle #essentials.

While we were paying, the rain came pouring down 0 to 100 real quick. We could barely see the cars at the end of the parking lot. Of course, all the Hispanics were panicking, calling family and acting like the world was going to end. When it calmed down for maybe a minute, we sprinted to the car. Running across the parking lot with my FitTea in hand and some grocery bags, we both managed to jump into every puddle possible.

My hurricane essentials consisted of:

You're probably wondering why everything I bought perishes...

I thankfully have generator so losing power is not a concern but the flooding definitely is.

I hope that all of you in the path of the storm stay safe! And if you were told to evacuate, EVACUATE.

P.S. It is currently 4:11 PM and it has barely rained and I'm getting anxious in my house and where is the hurricane?

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