LoKal For The Best Local Burger

Although I would really eat whatever you put in front of me, a burger is definitely on my top three for a death-row meal.

From Shake Shack, to Five Guys, to Burger King, or wherever else people go to for burgers, there is nothing better than a LoKal burger, hands-down.

Alligator Strips

LoKal, pronounced [lo-ka’l], in Coconut Grove opened it's doors on December 24, 2011. Stemming from the German word for restaurant and meeting place, LoKal lives up to its definition of being a meeting place but exceeds all of its guests’ expectations by bringing sustainably and locally sourced ingredients paired with an industrial, raw edginess. Particularly suited to the Grove’s personality and bohemian reputation, Grovites now have a place where they can satiate their comfort food cravings as well as their ideological inclinations.


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