The Pharmacy

My weekend in Orlando turned into the weekend of feasting. Believe it or not I ended up at one of the coolest places I've ever eaten at, The Pharmacy, because one of my friends found it on Groupon.

This restaurant/bar had the best first impression I have ever experienced - a fake elevator door.

The speakeasy-themed restaurant is located all the way at the end of a beautiful shopping mall. There is no way that someone who wasn't trying to find it would EVER see it. Once you have passed all the restaurants and keep walking until you feel like the mall is ending, you come across a hallway that has an elevator door. Just as if you were going to enter a normal elevator, you press the button and the doors automatically open into this mysterious, dim-light restaurant.

Immediately, the smell of the food makes your mouth water. Once you're inside, there is a casual, exclusive feel. Whether you've come from work or the gym, you're ready to dine and follow the "house rules."

All of their drinks are handcrafted and their food is out of this world. They have delicious pizza, in addition to some other plates, and very strong drinks (a GREAT thing). Mouth-watering foods, addictive drinks, phenomenal service and exclusive vibes, if you're in Orlando, FL, this is a "NEED to go place."

Papa Oaxaca - Mescal (tequila) with grapefruit juice, lime juice and a chili pepper lollipop

House cured smokey Bourbon bacon skewers with a red kraut & cabbage house salad

Portugese pizza


1. Major points if you find it without asking anyone

2. Elevator and "house rules" are not pictured for obvious reason


Regarding the drinks:

Our pharmaceuticals are brewed from the finest ingredients to provide you with an antidote from all your troubles. Every tincture you find in our fully stocked medicine cabinet has been properly hand-crafted and custom blended by our expert Apothecaries. Using only the freshest greens for our bitters, tonics and sodas makes ours the best tasting medicine you’ve ever had.

Regarding the food:

Our medicinals are not to be taken on an empty stomach, so our specialists put on the Ritz for you in our kitchen. Everything is made from local, organic, and sustainable foods so you know it’s the bee’s knees. The selection changes based on our chef’s diagnosis, but you always come out feeling just swell.

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